The Backyard Artisan, an LLC 

  The place for all  that enjoy local Artisan creations  


this site is for Artisans, what-ever their passion, their wares.

please feel free to browse around the site, and be sure to visit the

Artisans' bio's to learn more about them. Art comes in many forms, so keep

your eyes, minds, hearts, and hopefully your wallet open. please bear with 

us as we build this site, our clientele, our friendships, our livelihoods, 

and grow as Artisans/Artists. a web-store is in the works, until then 

please use the PayPal Buy Now buttons to make your purchases. 

we may never be a Betty Crocker, Picasso, Bach, or Calvin Klein, but 

the passion for our crafts is just the same. we strive for the perfect


expression in each  pie, painting, curtain, etching, ring, cabinet, or

any one of the hundreds of types Artistic endeavors that are out there.

if you are looking perhaps for a custom, or one of a kind item, ask any of 

the Artisans, especially if it falls with-in their craft.

all are welcome to apply as site members or as a site Artisan. being a site 

member is completely free, becoming a site Artisan does require a 

monthly/bi-annual/annual membership fee & fee will vary on type of 


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