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Mark John Simpson   February 29, 1964
Master Builder, Artisan,Tradesman,Craftsman, Chef,Entrepreneur & Old School Curmudgeon. 
Cali., Tx., Surprise, AZ     

Coming from a troubled beginning ,suffering indignities i care not to share/remember, discovery of my imagination enabled me to see the world with different eyes. Allowed me to envision things in my mind's eye, so to speak. As I grew, I used this "ability" to see things, to begin to create . 

I've created various things in my 50+ years. I've built multi-million dollar custom homes, crafted  fine, hand-built cabinetry, drawn visions of beauty on glass, welded structural columns, provided school and hospital buildings with engineered piping systems, designed a tropical oasis in a desert, prepared marvelous dishes, desserts, appetizers, & meals, for family & friends.

I believe there are many more creations yet to be brought into my collection. I intend to cook, create, build, craft, and transform things around me until I can no longer. 

After surviving first a disturbing childhood, and somewhat worse early young adult years, somehow, I managed to raise a beautiful, smart daughter, somewhat hap-hazardly, as I battled cancer, and proud to say I survived. I married the love of my life, 12/13/14, & am enjoying her influence & love in my life. My life experiences have forged me into the unique person I am.

I hope something you see reaches out and inspires or impresses you in the way it did for me in creating it.

Please visit the site from time to time to see what my latest offering is. Thanks for your interest, patronage, & recommendation of this site. 

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