The Backyard Artisan, an LLC 

  The place for all  that enjoy local Artisan creations  

Memberships :

there are 2 different types of site memberships available. 

becoming a site member (subscribe to the site) is completely free of charge. 

to become a site Artisan does require a fee, it is payable in 3 different ways, see the options below.

Free site membership :

Subscribe to the site

  • Subscribing allows you to get site updates. Your email address will be kept private.

Standard monthly Artisan membership $34.95 : includes posting of your bio, w/1 picture, up to 5 items/products, w/1 picture each, and brief product description, and a Paypal payment button for each product/item. Paypal account is required, for membership fee payment, and to recieve payment for your product. Payment for your product is your guide to ship your product to the invidual that purchased it thru Paypal, The Backyard Artisan is not responsible for shipping your product to your buyers. Your Artisan account will be payable in regularly scheduled monthly/bi-annual/annual payments. Services of the web-site will be suspended for un-paid balances. This means all of your information and products posted on the site will be removed. All information for what is required to post on the site will be sent to you in a confirmation e-mail shortly after payment is made/posted. Your monthly posting date will be determined by the date your 1st posting goes live. Posting date and membership fee due date will be different, as posting takes managerial preparement time. All memberships may be canceled at any time with-out explanation, and any un-used membership fees 'may' be returned with 30 days. The Backyard Artisan assumes no liabilities/ warrantees/ gaurantees of any Artisans products/items. Fees may increase as membership increases, volume of sales increases, or if managerial costs increase, as much notice as possible will be given in such event. By paying membership fee, you agree to all the terms described above, which may be altered as required. 

Standard bi-annual Artisan membership fee $169.95 : same as described in the monthly membership fee, except membership fees are paid in 2 payments due every 6 months, with a discount for pre-payment. 

Standard annual Artisan membership fee $329.95 : same as described in monthly membership fee, except payment is made 1 time yearly, with discount for pre-payment.

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